The 8 Best .095 Trimmer Line – 2021 Top Models Reviewed

Don’t you just love the sight of well-manicured lawns? There is just something satisfying about that. Aside from that, it is important to keep your grass trimmed to keep away harmful animals like snakes that like to lurk in such places.

The challenge lies in choosing the right tools to do the job. Introducing the string trimmer. This is the perfect tool to help you get rid of medium sized grass and weeds.

However, with the string trimmer, you need the best .095 trimmer line to guarantee the continued use of your string trimmer.

Top-Rated 0.095-Inch Diameter Trimmer Lines: Comparison List

If you’d like to get more from your trimmer, it’s recommended to find the right line for the job. Here’s a quick run-down of the 8 awesome lines reviewed in this write-up.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1Rotary Item Vortex Trimmer Line .095 X 1140′ 5 Large SpoolRotary4.73 pounds
2A ANLEOLIFE Orange Color Commercial Square .095-Inch-by-1280-ft String Trimmer Line in Spool, Bonus Line CutterA ANLEOLIFE4.2 ounces
3Maxpower Orange Color Residential Grade Round .095-Inch Trimmer Line 855-Foot LengthMaxpower3.1 pounds
4Oregon High cutting efficiency Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer LineOregon6.35 pounds
5Cyclone Orange Color Desert Extrusion .095″ x285′ Commercial Trimmer LineCyclone1.1 pounds
6Desert Vortex Commercial Grade Trimmer Line .095 3-Lbs. Medium Spool 685 FeetDesert Vortex3 pounds
7Typhon East 0.095-Inch-by-100-Foot Spool Commercial Grade, Weed Eater Replacement Trimmer Line 2 PackTyphon10.8 ounces
8Weed Warrior Silver Color Titanium Trimmer Line, 0.095″ by 200Weed Warrior13.1 ounces

8 Best .095 Trimmer Line Reviewed

1. Rotary Item Large Spool 1140′ Vortex Trimmer Line

Cost and efficiency are the most loved attributes that make this Rotary item vortex the best .095 trimmer line.

This is because the line is highly durable, thus allows you to do fewer reloads and cuts through grass faster than many others.

Product Description

The line has a 0.095-inch diameter and is best for trimming machines designed to accept lines of similar thickness.

On top of that, this 1140′ line comes in a 5lb spool for easy storage or fastening into the trimming machine.

Although you are required to put some effort into the machine, this line does all the work by trimming weeds, bushes, and other tough landscaping surfaces.

Other Features and Benefits

The truth is that the line is good for both your personal and professional landscaping tasks.

There’s more, this line possesses leveling capabilities than others and will keep your lawns super clean.


  • Durable thus helps save on time and money
  • Trims effectively
  • Multipurpose


  • The black-colored line isn’t visible enough
  • Expensive

2. Anleolife 5-Pound Spool 1280-ft Orange Trimmer Line

This line is designed to work in different models of trimmers, be it electric or gas-powered to help you meet your landscaping objectives.

The robust line is made from a combination of nylon 66 copolymer and plastic materials to deliver more power coupled with excellent cutting strength.

Product Description

With a 0.095-inch diameter, this 1280-ft long line cuts through grass and bushes within a short period. This is due to the line’s double side cords that allow it to cut through the thickest grass.

But the catch is the extra cutting tool that allows you to have swift line cuts.

Other Features and Benefits

The line is easy to use, from putting into the trimmer machine to leaving your garden well landscaped for a neat look even from afar.

This 5 pound has a bright yellow color for easy visibility and is best soaked in water for about 24 hours to make it stronger.


  • Available in 8 different colors
  • Good for both commercial and home use
  • Has multi-side cords
  • Durable


  • Quite expensive

3. Maxpower 0.095-inch Residential Grade 855-Foot Trimmer Line

This classic round-shaped trimmer line delivers exemplary trimming performance, just like its expensively priced counterparts.

It is made from quite tough nylon components for added durability. Indeed, this 855-feet line will give about 42 refills; thus, you won’t go to the store for a repurchase now and then.

Product Description

This line has a diameter of 0.095 inches and is strong enough to withstand the machine pulling pressure hence good for performing all residential tasks.

The spooled line is approximately 3 lbs hence light and good for delivering more RPM for efficient grass trimming.

Other Features and Benefits

Furthermore, the orange color enhances visibility for proper feeding of the line into the trimming machine to allow you to get started in minutes!

Lastly, the size of this 333695 line is compatible with most trimmer heads, and this explains why it is an envy of many homeowners.


  • Trims thick weeds perfectly
  • Strong trimmer line
  • Affordably priced
  • Tolerant to wear and tear


  • The line is a bit short
  • Tends to split at the ends

4. Oregon 22-095 Heavy Duty Magnum 1134-Foot String Trimmer Line

This square-shaped trimming line will effortlessly trim any grass, weeds, or other vegetation it comes in to contact.

The edges allow the line to cut through grass evenly while preventing it from welding thus no fear of using it on rocks or pavements.

Product Description

This heavy duty Magnum Gatorline by Oregon comprises an extra-strengthened inner core that resists breaking despite the tension you might subject it to.

The line is 1134 feet, fits many trimmer heads, and durable enough to last you a lifetime! The fact is the line doesn’t get tangled up easily when you are fastening it to the trimmer.

Other Features and Benefits

This trimmer line comes with a 5-pound spool for ease of use and has a diameter of 0.095 inches, which is thick enough for handling heavy tasks.

And the best part? The line is equipped with a detachable mower blade to boost your landscaping experience.


  • Square shaped for more trimming efficiency
  • Durable line
  • Extra-strengthened to handle all cutting conditions
  • Includes a mower blade


  • Quite difficult to feed into the cutting machine

5. Cyclone CY095D1 285-Foot by O.95-inch Spool Trimmer Line

Cyclone is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fencing chains, trimmer lines, and other gardening tools trusted by many people worldwide.

This Cyclone trimmer line is good for both commercial purposes and home use. The hexagon-shaped line increases the trimming power to enable you to wind up your lawn or garden mowing in minutes.

Product Description

The featured spool contains 285 feet line and allows convenient storage of the unused line.

This line has a diameter of 0.095 inches and is suitable for trimmers that accept lines of the same thickness. Moreover, durability isn’t an issue as the line is made from a high-quality nylon copolymer that delivers superior strength for timely cutting.

Other Features and Benefits

The sharp edges allow your trimmer to cut through thick weeds, bushes, and grass evenly to give your gardens an awesome look.

Finally, the line’s bright-orange color allows you to spool it quickly for storage or to improve visibility for proper trimmer feeding.


  • Easily replaceable
  • Lasts long
  • Works on tough weeds efficiently
  • Compatible with most trimmers


  • Not ideal for some high power unit trimmers
  • Shorter line length when compared to other brands

6. Desert Vortex 3Lbs. Medium Spool 685 Feet 0.095 Trimmer Line

Desert Vortex is a pacesetter as far as premium-quality commercial trimmer lines are concerned.

This is because this 0.095-inch diameter line one of its products features a spiral design that provides several cutting advantages. Some of the benefits include; no line fluttering or splitting and reduced noise levels.

Product Description

This package weighs 3 pounds and contains a medium spool for easy storage of the included 685-feet line.

The line is durable, and long enough to last you for several years, it is, therefore, a lifetime investment you will be making when you decide to buy it.

Other Features and Benefits

This commercial-grade vortex line is great for both large scale and small scale gardening work thus the most preferred by many mowing companies and home users.

The line automatically reduces dragging while contributing to higher RPMs by the engine, which increases the cutting impact power.

To sum up, the line is made from essential nylons that deliver incomparable strength and durability for long-term cutting.


  • Highly versatile
  • Great cutting performance
  • Works with minimal noise
  • Durable


  • Dull colored and not easily visible

7. Typhon East 100-Foot by .095-inch 2-Pack Commercial Grade Trimmer Line

Are you tired of trimmer lines that break easily and limit your landscaping work since you have to feed the trimming machine frequently?

As if that’s not all, the regular rewinds make the line to get finished quickly, of course, nobody would expect this to happen when buying.

However, this Typhon trimmer line puts an end to all your worries because it is made of pure nylon material that won’t wear out easily even if overused.

Product Description

The package comes with 2 rolls of trimming lines with each measuring 100-foot and having a diameter of 0.095 inches.

The pack of 2 lines gives you long-term use since after one roll is over, you can start using the next one right away.

Other Features and Benefits

All the lines are bright-colored, thus easily visible and are compatible with all electric weed eater trimming models.

What have you got to lose? Typhon East guarantees a full refund back in case of any dissatisfaction with the product.


  • Includes 2 rolls
  • The lines do not fray
  • Ideal for home and commercial use
  • Offers value for money


  • Doesn’t come with the spool
  • Quite short trimming lines

8. Weed Warrior 17061 Pulverizer Titanium 0.095″ by 200′ Trimmer Lines

Unlike the nylon lines that break easily, this one has a Pulverizer Titanium reinforcement for long-lasting use and to help you save on costs and time.

The line is made under strict quality measures to make it is strong enough to trim grass and handle fence edges as well.

Product Description

This line has a total length of 200 feet, has a diameter of 0.095 inches, and is universal grade thus great for most gas trimming machines.

To top it off, the line comes with a line cutter to help you cut out the line perfectly for proper machine feeding.

Other Features and Benefits

The included plastic storage bag allows you to remove only the line you’d like to use and cut off the rest for safekeeping.

A weed warrior as it is, you will be surprised that despite the efficient performance it delivers, the line comes at an easily affordable price.


  • Includes a line cutter
  • Durable
  • Requires no assembly
  • Quite strong for performing multiple functions


  • The line could have been longer

Buying Guide for High-Quality .095 Trimmer Line

If your intention is to clear thickets, and rapidly trim weeds and grass, you need to consider a few factors before buying a .095-inch trimmer line.

These factors include:

Trimmer Line Durability

As you shop for your trimmer line, you will realize that most of them are made from nylon. There is a reason for that and it is because the material is lightweight.

However, if you are going to handle thick grass and weeds, you may want to consider a more durable material such composite or reinforced nylon.

Trimmer Line Efficiency

The shape of a trimmer line is what determines whether it will be efficient or not. These tools can come in serrated, twisted, square, or round shapes.

Now, do not be tempted to buy round trimmer lines just because they are common. This is because they lack a cutting edge and instead of cutting grass, they tend to rip it.

You want to pick from all the other shapes because they deliver a decent cut.

Trimmer Line Thickness

It makes sense to use thicker trimmer lines for tougher weeds and grass. As such, you want to look at the diameter of a trimmer line before purchasing it.

A trimmer line with a larger diameter is more powerful and resilient hence able to handle rougher grass.

Tips for Using .095-Inch Trimmer Lines

We are sure you want your string trimmer to last long. Here are a few tricks to help you achieve that.

Repair and Replace as Needed

You want to wipe off dirt and grass off your line after each use. It is also important to replace or repair the string on your trimmer especially if you use it often.

This will ensure that your line lasts longer.

Heed the Spin Direction 

For safety purposes, it is important to follow the spin direction of your string trimmer. However, that is not the only reason why you should do that.

Following the spin, direction ensures that you do not overwork your string trimmer by working over tough grass in the opposite direction.

Not only does this lead to uneven trimming, it can also drastically diminish the efficiency of your tool.

Position Yourself Correctly

You already know that string trimmers use spinning motion to trim grass and weeds. As such, a trimmer cutting in anti-clockwise will expel debris in a leftward direction.

You want to position yourself based on your string trimmer’s spin to prevent any of the stuff present in the grass like rocks or broken glass from hitting you. Some of these things can even get into your eyes and result in a fatality.

Use an Appropriate Cutting Method

You can only get a well-manicured lawn by handling your string trimmer with meticulousness. Most string trimmers are heavy and can easily turn your cutting session into a nightmare.

However, by using the right cutting method based on the perimeter of your yard, you can make the process easier.

For instance, edging is a cutting method that is useful for trimming grass on a parallel surface such as a sidewalk or driveway.

Tapering is best for trimming along the boundaries of your lawn, while scything involves swaying your trimmer in a U-shaped manner to maneuver blocked areas on your lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe you have a few questions on .095 trimmer lines and that is why we have answered a few commonly asked ones below.

Q: What is the best size string trimmer line?

A: This will depend on the thickness of grass you want to trim. The general rule here is that the tougher the grass, the thicker the trimming line should be.

Q: Is it safe to use a blade on a string trimmer?

A: Adding a blade to your string trimmer can be dangerous because these trimmers are meant to be used with a line.

Q: Is it okay to use a trimmer line on wet grass?

A: No, it is not. This is because wet grass can prevent the line from functioning efficiently. Doing this can even cause permanent damage to your trimmer.

Best Choice

We did several practical tests on all these trimmers on our home gardens and concluded that Rotary Item Vortex Trimmer Line is the best. Why? This is because it is quite long, has a large spool, and has unique cutting plus leveling effectiveness. Beyond that, once fed into your trimmer, the line runs smoothly for effortless operation.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right line for your string trimmer can prove to be difficult because these lines come in various sizes and shapes.

However, you do not need to worry about that because we have made it our business to research and explain what you need to look for when shopping for 0.095-inch trimmer lines.

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